1. Where is the charger to charge the ARIGO Power Unit?

The charger is integrated inside the unit, so there is no external charger required. Our charger uses a combination of charging method, first by Constant Current(CC) charging followed by Constant Voltage(CV) charging, ordinary power adapter do not have this feature.

2. What is the lifespan of this product?

A lithium battery’s capacity retention rate after 500 cycles is at about 75%, and capacity retention rate of about 45% at 1000 cycles. A general guideline is that it can be used for 3-5 years.

3. Why using lithium batteries as energy storage materials?

Lithium battery is light weight, for the same capacity, it is only about 1/5 the weight of the lead-acid products, service life is also relatively long, up to 6 years. It also have the following characteristics, high-power endurance, low self-discharge, no memory effect, high low temperature adaptability and environmentally friendly. It does not contain nor produce any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic heavy metals and substances.

4. What is the difference between your product and ordinary UPS power?

Our product uses lithium batteries as energy storage, UPS uses ordinary lead-acid battery. We overcome the weight, bulkiness, short lifespan and clean environment features that the lead acid batteries lack. For e.g. A lead acid UPS provides standby time of 10-20mins whereas for the same capacity use Lithium batteries, the standby time can be 40mins to more than an hour. For more information on the difference between the 2 types of batteries, please read this article.

5. What is the suitable working environment for your product?

Our power supply can work at 0-60 degrees environment, but storage temperature range from -20 to 80 degrees.

6. What form of protection is available in the Arigo Power Unit?

Our power supply is built with Over-Charge and Over-Discharge protection, Over-Current as well as Short-Circuit and Thermal protection. When the Arigo Power Unit encounters such events, alarm will sound off and the unit will shut down for protection. You can either power up or plug in the AC adapter to charge it and the unit will restore to its normal state of operation.

7. Can the Arigo Power Unit be used as a standby UPS?

Yes, the Arigo Power Unit can be use as a standby UPS in replacement of your conventional lead-acid UPS. The standby hours are usually much longer for the same capacity of energy storage in the unit. Typically the load for using the Arigo Power Unit as a backup UPS has to be equal or lower than the rated power of the said model.

8. Can the Arigo Power Unit be used to power up a 600W hand-drill?

Yes, the Arigo Power Unit can be use to power up a 600W drill, but only the AP750.AP1000 and AP1500 . These models are capable of loads of up to 1500W. The AP300 and AP550, which is only capable of 300W/500W, will not be able to power up a 600W drill. See video clip at the HOME page of the AP750 powering a 600W handdrill.

9. How long can the AP700 power up my LED TV of 150W?

Typically the 750Wh AP750 will be able to power up the 150W LED TV for about 5 hrs, or 6.7hrs for the AP1000 and 10hrs for the AP1500.

10. What happens if I plug in my vacuum cleaner of 2000W to any of the Arigo Power Unit?

The highest power rating of the Arigo Power models is only capable of powering up devices up to a rated load of 1400W, therefore it will not be able to power up a 2000W vacuum cleaner. It will sound of an alarm and the unit will shut down for self protection to prevent overloading.

11. During prolong usage, the unit will get hot. How will the unit protect itself from over-heating?

The Arigo Power Unit is built with temperature sensor, once the internal of the unit reaches 85 Degrees Celsius, the unit will power down by itself. Only when the temperature drops to 65 Degrees Celsius will you then be able to power it up again. The fan is turned on whenever AC output is turned on, therefore the temperature is always maintained and regulated, rarely will the internal temperature reach 85 Degree Celsius.

12. When not in use for a long period of time, how should I store the unit?

If the unit is not intended for use, please charge it up to 80% before keeping in storage. You may bring it out every 3-4 months to perform a charge and discharge function for maintenance. Never store the unit at zero charge or near zero percentage charge, the batteries cells will be damaged over time.

If you have more questions, do drop us an inquiry.

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