Lithium Battery Safety & Maintenance

Articles: Lithium Battery Safety & Maintenance

1. This product contains lithium-ion battery, keep away from heat when charging. Always charge in a well ventilated area. Do not charge near flammable items like newspaper, clothing etc. Charge on flat surfaces only.
2. Do not use this product in a humid environment or near water, pay attention to keep dry, as far as possible use only in a dry environment.
3. Handle gently, do not drop, hammer, or pierce with a sharp object. Do not disassemble, open, microwave or incinerate.
4. Do not subject the power bank to mechanical shock such as crushing, bending, puncturing or shredding.
5. Do not operate the power bank if it has been wet or otherwise damaged, to prevent against electric shock, explosion and/or injury.
6. Power bank should not be handled by children.
7. Do not short-circuit the power bank or store it in a receptacle where it may be short-circuited by other metallic or conductive objects.
8. In the event that the power supply emit smoke, fire, or any other phenomena, should immediately stop using, power it off and unplug all connected devices. In case of fire, the use of fire extinguishers is necessary, due to the chemical composition of lithium battery.
9. Please read operating instructions (including charging instructions and information on the minimum and maximum operating temperatures), supplied with this power bank.


Tips on Prolonging Lithium Battery

1. Try not to charge the battery immediately after use, during discharging, battery cells will be very hot, so it will be better to let the battery cells to cool down for at least 2hrs before charging. This helps to prolong battery lifespan in the long term, as well as for safety.
2. If situation allows, do not discharge the battery until zero or totally flat… less frequent deep discharge usage will definitely improve battery life.
3. Never store battery without any charge at all. Keep at least 40% to 80% charge before long term storage.
4. If battery is to be stored for long term, it is advisable to discharge and charge it up once every 4-5 months.

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