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ARIGO Power’s series of AC/DC power supplies running on Lithium Batteries provide an alternative power source that is CLEAN without emitting harmful by-products. It is a good replacement for diesel/petrol generators or lead-acid accumulators, which emit harmful gases while providing power.

Unique Advantages: Light weight, Mobility, Portability, Clean and Green!

Advantages of Lithium AC/DC Power Supply

Clean & Green No harmful by-product that is eminent in generators or lead acid batteries.
Mobility & Portability Plug and play ensures ease of deployment and minimal time required for setup. Lighter than all other battery options for the same capacity of power.
Long Lifespan Using industrial grade lithium batteries, the battery unit have a 3-5 times longer lifespan than average lead-acid batteries.
Adaptability Can be deployed in any situation, both outdoors or indoors when lead acid batteries or generators are not possible due to size, portability, noise or harmful gas pollution from such batteries.
Expandability Solar panels can serve as an option for charging the batteries and thus transforming the battery into a Renewable Energy source, totally independent of the Power-Grid. Most applicable for setup in remote locations.

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